Fixing Late-Stage RFI Triage with CDX

Late-stage RFI triage is a friction point that frequently impacts the entire project. With the maturation of CDX as a construct and deployable methodology, we’re able to cultivate real process definitions and accelerate tech solutions that end-users will actually appreciate.

Greg Mattes, Product Sr Manager - Trimble Inc.

It all starts with a definitive question...

How might we

revise process and contracts to allow the triage of RFI responses by their impact on the critical path...

In ways that improve

access, reduce latency, and rid redundancy across request, response, and react stages...

So that

project teams collectively prioritize RFIs and tag responses with contextual information to prevent future occurrences?

And an understanding of the current #sharedpains...

So we can agree on how to achieve #sharedgains...

Just because we’ve established a common set of RFI data elements, it doesn’t mean we’ve established a standard measurement for prioritizing RFI responses. And so the effort to deliver #sharedgains continues.

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In building momentum for AEC iSummit23, we find ourselves asking the question:

What does an RFI need to be in the future to be able to prioritize communication activities so that we’re spending time on items that need an answer now?

Keep track of progress:

Data Xchange is a proud member of the Construction Progress Coalition (CPC) and a proud sponsor of the “CDX 1.1 Late Stage RFI Triage
Report produced by the CPC as the first deliverable from the AEC iSummit22 held in Denver, CO.