Construction Data Xchange

Data You Need in the System You Prefer

Every project stakeholder can now leverage the project data they need to make faster, more confident, and effective decisions – without leaving their preferred system of record.

What’s the Big Idea?

Data Xchange CDX Integrations enable automated data flow between multiple systems licensed by different project stakeholders.

So, What?

So... now you can stop signing into systems you don’t like to appease your partners’ needs.

Who is This For?

Data Xchange CDX Integrations are specifically designed for Owners, Designers, GCs, and Subs that want to access pertinent segments of project-related data within the confines of their preferred systems.

How Does it Work?

When your system is connected through a Data Xchange CDX Integration, each stakeholder can confidently proceed knowing that 1) the data they see is accurate; and 2) is properly represented for each other project stakeholder in their preferred systems, as well.

Why do Contractors Love It?

  • prevent project delays caused by time lost and errors due to double entry
  • reduce risk through improved record retention and accuracy
  • eliminate several friction points between project stakeholders

The Data Xchange CDX Portfolio is Rapidly Expanding

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newforma - procore

Don’t see your system(s)? Tell us what you’re using to get your best work done. Our roadmap has always been led by customer demand.

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A Design Approach You Can Trust

Data Xchange's CDX Integrations have been discussed, designed, developed, and deployed with tech partners, GCs, designers, and subs using the innovation guardrails established by the Construction Progress Coalition. Our flagship CDX Integration was built in partnership with Newforma and Procore to eliminate the need for several wasteful manual steps in the RFI and Submittals process between GCs and architects. The Newforma <> Procore CDX has been critically acclaimed and successfully deployed for thousands of projects across hundreds of clients. And that’s only the tip of the spear.

Each Spring, our team sponsors an innovative exploration group within the CPC’s annual AEC iSummit. Summit attendees are tasked with crafting a “How might we...” question for intense deliberation from multiple perspectives within the industry. In 2022, the Data Xchange team tackled late-stage RFI triage with Newforma, Procore, and several of our early adopters.

CDX Scorecard and Certification

On October 20, 2022, at the AGC of Missouri’s 10th Annual Design & Construction Technology Conference, Nathan Wood unveiled the first edition of the CDX Scorecard and announced that Data Xchange's Newforma <> Procore CDX integration was officially the first CDX-Listed and CDX-Validated integration.

There are three certification levels:

  1. CDX-Listed

    To be listed, an integration must be able to perform the digital transaction of a standard project information container (DOR) between stakeholder systems using a third-party immutable record. To confirm this has been accomplished the solution provider must show that there have been at least fifty (50) successful project installations across five (5) or more accounts.

  2. CDX-Validated

    To be validated, a CDX-Listed integration must provide an anonymized report of CDX usage and project accumulation over time; showing at least one (1) thousand annual transactions.

  3. CDX-Verified

    To be verified, a CDX-Validated integration must demonstrate that it has created interoperability adoption that also assures compliance with broader reporting standards or collaboration protocols (ie. ISO 19650, CMMC).

This certification process exists to promote transparency and accountability between construction tech and construction stakeholders by introducing and upholding actionable definitions built upon market adoption, stakeholder acceptance, verifiable ROI, and demonstrable process improvements.