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Dimensions 2023
Venetian Las Vegas
November 6-8
Trimble Dimensions 2023

Put a Handshake to the Name

Direct access to integration experts only at the Trimble Construction Integration Booth

Tom Stemm

VP & Category GM



Angie Wiering

Sr. Director - Customer Success




Chris Collins

Sr. Product Manager




Matt Valenti

Customer Success Sr. Manager

Find me at the Trimble Construction Integrations kiosk.

Greg Mattes

Sr. Manager, Product Management



Joe Cisar

Engineering Sr. Manager



Gary Stough

Head of Sales



Zach Sauer

Sales Manager




Steve Sigman

Applications Engineer





Mike Cisar

Marketing Sr. Manager





Simon Hobbis

Sales Executive

Find me at the Trimble Construction Integrations kiosk.

Win Some Prizes with Marketplace Scavenger Hunt

The rules are simple:

  1. Pick up a marketplace scavenger hunt game card
  2. Get signatures from our integration partners
  3. Return a completed card to our booth by 12PM on November 8th

Hint: Visit their booths & attend their sessions ;)

Prizes include:

  • Meta Quest 2
  • Thor's Hammer Toolbox
  • Contour Gauge
  • Trimble Swag

Get Exclusive Access to Our Suite Party

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Date: Tuesday, November 7th

Time: 5pm - 10pm

Location: Venetian Hospitality Suite

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Go Deeper on Interoperability than Ever Before!

Trimble Dimensions Sessions with Data Xchange & App Xchange

Connect with our Integration Partners

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Emburse Chrome River

Why connect with Emburse Chrome River?

  • Create, submit, and approve expenses anytime, anywhere
  • Get better control of spending across your organization
  • Get deeper insights into company spend
  • Streamline workflow management

Where to find Emburse Chrome River:


Why connect with Kojo?

  • Find better prices and make purchases more quickly
  • Stop paying for materials you didn’t receive
  • Gain a sharper understanding of your materials warehouse and reduce waste
  • Increase labor productivity, reduce material spend, and plan projects better

Where to find Kojo:

Followup CRM

Why connect with Followup CRM?

  • A CRM is crucial for taking better care of customers and prospects
  • Give your employees the power to track and manage the sales process
  • Get all the reporting tools you need to make informed business decisions

Where to find Followup CRM:

  • They’ll happily meet you at the Trimble Construction Integrations kiosk
  • Find them at booth 534

Gauge Telematics

Why connect with Gauge Telematics?

  • Reduce operational costs and productivity disruption
  • Insurance, liability and driver safety are big issues when you operate a fleet
  • Keeping track of small and light duty equipment is a challenge

Where to find Gauge Telematics:

  • They’ll happily meet you at the Trimble Construction Integrations kiosk
  • Find them at booth 538


Why connect with PINS?

  • Avoid potential project delays, fines, and legal repercussions from coverage gaps
  • Avoid penalties and administrative overhead by optimizing team workflows
  • Reduce the time spent dealing with insurance coverage, compliance, and broker submissions

Where to find PINS:


Why connect with Raken?

  • Easy-to-use features on web and mobile
  • Better jobsite data in real time
  • Structured documentation to mitigate risk
  • Efficiently document project progress

Where to find Raken:


Why connect with Tenna?

  • Equipment is one of the biggest investments and cost centers
  • Contractors need accurate equipment cost information
  • Get insights that better inform you of your equipment costs
  • Get revenue reports if renting out your owned assets

Where to find Tenna:



GCPay is the leading subcontractor and tier vendor management platform for invoicing, compliance, lien waivers, and electronic payments. Our integration allows Viewpoint Vista users the ability to import jobs, subcontracts, POs, change orders, compliance, and additional data elements into GCPay to simplify the pay application and lien waiver exchange process. Approved pay applications can be exported back to Viewpoint Vista, along with accompanying lien waivers and backup documentation, eliminating unnecessary data entry.

Why connect with GCPay?

  • Streamline your pay app and lien waiver approval workflow
  • Enforce subcontractor compliance
  • e-payments and waiver exchange

Where to find GCPay:

  • They’ll happily meet you at the Trimble Construction Integrations kiosk
  • Find them at booth 427 & 429
  • Catch them at one of these awesome sessions:



Viewpoint seamlessly integrates with Aatrix Payroll Reporting in Viewpoint Vista providing fast and easy filing of more than 330 Payroll Reports & Payments. One simple filing process files all State and Federal Unemployment, Wage Withholding, New Hires Reports & Payments, regardless of the government agency.

Why connect with Aatrix?

  • There's only ONE Process for any Unemployment, Wage Withholding, or New Hire Report
  • There's only ONE Website to track all filings and payments. 
  • View confirmations and administer all agency requirements, filing statuses, and filing history.

Where to find Aatrix:



The Prophix cloud-based Financial Performance Platform seamlessly integrates with Viewpoint Vista, to give construction professionals greater confidence in their data through the automation of manual, time-consuming processes. With Prophix, Contractors can take control of their profit margins through real-time job cost analysis, streamlined budgeting and planning, intelligent forecasting, and timely WIP reports. Prophix provides both the insight and foresight from bid to perform to close and back again.

Why connect with Prophix?

  • Take control of margin fade
  • Accurately forecast job cost and revenues with predictive analytics
  • Mitigate risks through superior insights

Where to find Prophix:



As a leader in enterprise performance management, insightsoftware understands your challenges. Spreadsheet Server is easy to install so you are up and running fast and combines the familiarity of Excel with the power of your live Spectrum data. This industry-leading tool offers finance teams pre-built report templates, as well as easy delf-serve custom reporting, bypassing the need for IT’s help entirely.

P.S. Are you within or before your 90-day go-live with Spectrum? Contact trimblesales@insightsoftware.com or your Trimble Project Manager today for more details!

Why connect with insightsoftware?

Where to find insightsoftware:

  • They’ll happily meet you at the Trimble Construction Integrations kiosk
  • Find them at booth 208



Viewpoint Vista partners with Corpay to provide customers with a suite of electronic payment solutions to meet all business payment needs. Corpay is a leading payment solutions provider, trusted by over 3,000 contractors and ranked #1 in customer satisfaction. Customers can fully automate AP payments, simplify travel and expense payment management, establish better controls, and improve transparency on corporate card spend when paying vendors with the Viewpoint ePayments powered by Corpay, Corporate Card and Expense Management, and Virtual Card services.

Why connect with Corpay?

  • Streamline your AP processes by consolidating all payments – and payment types – into a single workflow with Corpay
  • Consolidate all your fuel, travel, and business expenses with Corpay Multi-Card. 
  • Sync transactions, job costing data, and expenses with your current GL using Corpay's dynamic ExpenseTrack app. 

Where to find Corpay:



Earlytrade is an automated early payment system for General Contractors to earn discounts from subcontractors in exchange for early payment. 

Earlytrade is fully integrated with Vista, accessing job, subcontract, creditor and invoice data; and leverages native discount capability within Vista, allowing a rapid launch capability that generates ROI almost immediately.

Earlytrade onboards and educates your subcontractors and suppliers, to ensure there is no additional administration on your side.

Why connect with Earlytrade?

  • Drive additional YoY margin improvement.
  • Arbitrage your strong balance sheet to generate new P&L benefits.
  • Long-term growth to deliver enhanced shareholder value.

Where to find Earlytrade:

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