Viewpoint HR Management + Viewpoint Vista

HR and employee management tools, built on top of Vista
Viewpoint HR Management

Viewpoint HR Management extends Vista — no API needed! — to automate HR workflows like employee management, applicant tracking, hiring and onboarding. It includes time entry, expense and reimbursement management, and PTO. By empowering employees and managers with mobile-friendly tools, you'll speed up hiring, remove paper from the onboarding process, get expenses in fasters, and make time entry a breeze.

Viewpoint HR Management

HR and employee management tools, built on top of Vista

Faster Hiring & Onboarding

Put your open jobs online, find the right candidates, then bring them in with paperless, automated onboarding. Check all the boxes for compliance and payroll, and help them get onto the job sooner.

Expense Reimbursement: Included!

Wet, crumpled receipts? No thanks. And kiss those expensive third-party reimbursement tools good-bye. Includes a sophisticated expense management tool and HR for less than standalone tools.

Employee Self-Service

From digital onboarding to downloading their own W-2s and paystubs, the mobile experience empowers employees to get their own answers faster. And it saves HR and payroll from chasing down time-consuming requests.

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