Trying to Convince Your Team to Automate?

Perhaps this Calculator can Help...
Data: Value:
(T) Time Spent: 0
(P) Pay: $0
(NI) New Initiatives: $0
(IP) Integration Price: $0
(SPM) Savings Per Month: 0

Anytime your SPM is greater than zero, then the automation is saving you money on a monthly basis.

How to Use the Calculator Effectively


Figuring Out Time Spent Currently

Don’t overthink this. Find people that are tasked with importing/exporting data. .



This can be sensitive information, so if you’re not privy to this information for your company, then perhaps this resource from can help get you in the ballpark.


Monthly Value of Other Initiatives

Talk with the person (or their supervisor) to figure out what other strategic initiatives they could focus on if given some time back.


Monthly Price for the Integration

Price can vary based on several factors. For assistance with obtaining a quote, please click the "Talk with Sales" button or check out our Marketplace.

How to Build an Effective Thought Process with Your Team

  1. Identify areas of the business that can be automated and identify the person (people responsible for manually exporting/importing data between systems.
  2. Identify the number of data fields that are impacted between two (or more) systems.
  3. Determine the actions involved with properly moving data between those systems.
  4. Determine the frequency of database updates that happen between those systems.
  5. Quantify the amount of time being spent on the current manual process(es) in steps 3 and 4.
  6. Determine how the company could benefit from having the time in step 5 applied to other areas of the business.
  7. Calculate the opportunity cost of having people spend time, energy, and brainpower on the manual process(es) in steps 5 and 6 required to move data between systems instead of using their time, energy, and brainpower to focus on preferred areas of the business.