Arcoro (HR) + Viewpoint Vista (Payroll)

The Bridge to Better HR

Arcoro's cloud-based HR software simplifies the way 8,000+ contractors hire, manage and grow their workforce.

Our HR solution integrates with Viewpoint Vista payroll, keeping both systems in sync with employee information and cutting down on data entry.

The Bridge to Better HR

Simplify the way you Hire, Manage and Grow your workforce

Tackle challenges around recruiting, onboarding, benefits management and employee development all in one system.

One system of record for People Data

Manage employee data all in one place. Our integration means data is synced & maintains its integrity.

Employee empowerment & self-service

Employees can make their own changes & updates. Managers are freed up from administration.

Important Notes

  • This integration is built, sold, and supported by Arcoro
  • A subscription to Arcoro is required for this integration. If you are not a customer and do not have any sales conversations in motion, we can help with an introduction to their HR sales experts. Let’s talk.

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