BambooHR + Sage 300 CRE

Elevate your employee experience.
BambooHR + Sage 300 CRE
BambooHR Employees to Sage 300 Employees

This feature establishes BambooHR as the source of truth for personal employee data and streamlines process of keeping pay and states for each employee all up-to-date. Candidates in a “hired” status in BambooHR, will record a new employee in Sage 300 CRE, including demographic and work history data.

Integration Feature

As an alternative, PDF paystubs can be moved from an FTP site to BambooHR’s Documents tab, provided each PDF file is for one employee only and the filename has their employee number to connect the PDF file to the right employee record in BambooHR.

Elevate your employee experience.


Modernize Your Operation

Want to mitigate risk and make life easier to boot? Replace paper processes with sleek automation, e-signatures, and a secure, central database.


Streamline Hiring & Onboarding

Stay ahead of fluctuating staffing demands with an award-winning applicant tracking system and intuitive onboarding.

Online Payment

Pay Everyone Easily & On Time

With flexible, multi-state payroll, it’s a breeze to pay your multi-location, seasonal, contract, and full-time employees.

Important Notes:

  • This integration is built, sold, and supported by Data Xchange.
  • A subscription to BambooHR is required for this integration (not sold by Trimble). If you are not a customer and do not have any sales conversations in motion, we can help with an introduction to their HR sales experts. Let’s talk.
  • On-prem users: Data Xchange does not guarantee version support for either system beyond the current version available and the previously available version. Older versions may still work, but are not actively supported and may become obsolete.

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