eMars + Viewpoint Vista

Compliance at your fingertips

We create a template to match the data from a commercial payroll system. The download happens with a few mouse clicks. We create an electronic certified payroll. Upon submittal, the payroll is audited against Davis-Bacon rules and the wage determination which is maintained by eMars. Errors are highlighted much like spell check. A remedy is available with a mouse click. All this is on-line real time. Payrolls process in 2 minutes. There is no limit on the number of employees on the payroll. Savings in time range from 80% to 99%.

Compliance at your fingertips


Payroll submittals are 100% error free

eMars simplifies preparation of certified payrolls. The payrolls are audited to eliminate errors. Contractors avoid fines, debarment and even jail time.


Electronic auditing ensures legal compliance

All rules and regulations are embedded in our software. Every payroll is audited against the law and errors are immediately identified, on line and real time


Prepare payrolls in 2 minutes vs 45 minutes.

The government allows 45 minutes to prepare a certified payroll. eMars reduces that time to 2 minutes and is fully audited. This includes the prime and all subs.

Important Notes

  • This integration is built, sold, and supported by eMars Inc (Not a Trimble Inc. Company).
  • A subscription to eMars is required for this integration (not sold by Trimble). If you are not a customer and do not have any sales conversations in motion, we can help with an introduction to their compliance sales experts. Let’s talk.

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