Interoperability Suite for Foundation Software

Your ERP is your corporate lifeblood. Let’s make sure you’re getting the most out of it and putting your teams in a position to succeed with robust integrations and dataflow tools.


Data Xchange can now support integrations for Foundation. First-generation integrations will have access to fields from Accounts Payable, Content Management, Project Management, and Subcontract Management (where appropriate) to accomplish both read and write capabilities.

An iPaaS That You Can Build Upon

IF (you’re a software developer looking to:) {

  • Attract: new customers that already use Foundation = "yes",
  • Upsell/retain: existing customers that use Foundation = "yes"
  • };

THEN {you should consider building your integration with App Xchange = "duh!"};

Our low-code integration development tools make it easy for any tech team to attach their systems, design data flows, and launch new integration products.

API Endpoints

Included Modules

Accounts Payable
  • Vendors
  • Sales Taxes
General Ledger
  • Accounts
Job Costs
  • Jobs
  • Job Cost Codes
  • Cost Classes
  • Job Cost Classes
  • Cost Codes
Purchase Orders
  • PO Headers
  • PO Items
  • Pending PO's
  • Add Pending PO's