Interoperability Suite for Foundation Software

Your ERP is your corporate lifeblood. Let’s make sure you’re getting the most out of it and putting your teams in a position to succeed with robust integrations and dataflow tools.


Data Xchange can now support integrations for Foundation. First-generation integrations will have access to fields from Accounts Payable, Content Management, Project Management, and Subcontract Management (where appropriate) to accomplish both read and write capabilities.


Supplier Xchange + Foundation

Expense Management

Streamline Operations, Synchronize Suppliers, Satisfy Customers

An iPaaS That You Can Build Upon

IF (you’re a software developer looking to:) {

  • Attract: new customers that already use Foundation = "yes",
  • Upsell/retain: existing customers that use Foundation = "yes"
  • };

THEN {you should consider building your integration with App Xchange = "duh!"};

Our low-code integration development tools make it easy for any tech team to attach their systems, design data flows, and launch new integration products.

API Endpoints

Included Modules

Accounts Payable
  • Vendors
  • Sales Taxes
General Ledger
  • Accounts
Job Costs
  • Jobs
  • Job Cost Codes
  • Cost Classes
  • Job Cost Classes
  • Cost Codes
Purchase Orders
  • PO Headers
  • PO Items
  • Pending PO's
  • Add Pending PO's