JobTarget + Viewpoint Vista

The all-in-one recruitment advertising platform

JobTarget provides a diverse offering of recruitment tools, hiring strategies, and support that can be tailored for any role, any budget, and any company size—whenever you need it.  From automated programmatic job advertising to a database of passive candidates to search, JobTarget offers a range of hiring tools to get your job ads in front of the right candidates and meet your goals.

JobTarget integrates with Applicant Tracking and Onboarding, giving you the ability to:

  • Push job requisitions to JobTarget directly from HR Management.
  • Track and filter job requisition postings by job board.
  • View a history of when and where job requisitions were posted and by which user.

The all-in-one recruitment advertising platform


Reach quality candidates faster

Stop wasting time and money sifting through piles of unqualified candidates. JobTarget empowers you to take a targeted approach to get in front of the right talent. 


Improve job ad visibility

We help you post your job ads on a diversified range of sites, including popular job sites and job boards, niche platforms, and organic sites, ensuring that your ads reach a wider audience.


Improve hiring efficiency

Posting and monitoring every job ad and manually reviewing their impact requires a large budget and heavy manpower. We take the guess work and overextended resources out of the equation with technology that is built for efficient recruiting around the clock.

Important Notes

  • This integration is built, sold, and supported by JobTarget
  • A subscription to Viewpoint HR Management for Vista is required.
  • A subscription to JobTarget is required for this integration (not sold by Trimble). If you are not a customer, and do not have any sales conversations in motion, we can help with an introduction to their HR Management sales experts.

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