SAP Concur + Viewpoint Vista

Save Time With Automated Expense Management
SAP Concur + Viewpoint Vista
Integration Feature

Expense Coding is the foundational piece of the integration. This feature syncs your jobs, equipment, and GL Accounts from Viewpoint Vista to SAP Concur so that your employees can code their expense reports accurately. The integrations will make sure that your expense coding data is automatically maintained appropriately in Concur to mitigate accounting errors. For example, a Job will be automatically added to the list when it is “Open” and delete it when it is changed to “Closed”.

Integration Feature

This feature moves employee information from the Payroll Employee module in Viewpoint Vista to Concur so that User profiles are automatically created when new employees are onboarded. Note: User profiles in Concur require some information that is not always available in Viewpoint Vista without the addition of custom fields.

Integration Feature

In Concur, Cost Object Approvers are required when your expense report approval workflow requires the approver to be based on a Job selected on the expense report rather than the employee submitting the report. For example, rather than having expense reports approved by an employee’s manager, the expense report is approved by the Project Manager on the Job. This optional feature sends the Approver information to Concur to enable this workflow.

Integration Feature

The integration supports two options for inserting invoices into Viewpoint Vista:
Option A) 1 invoice per expense report transaction. If an expense report contains 10 line items, this approach will insert 10 invoices into the ERP.
Option B) 1 invoice per expense report. If an expense report contains 10 line items, this approach will insert 1 invoice into the ERP with 10 line items.

Integration Feature

Save Time With Automated Expense Management

Time Log

Automatic Invoices

When SAP Concur is connected to your accounting system, the integration will automatically create AP Invoices in Viewpoint Vista for each approved expense report and invoice.


Eliminate Duplicate Entry

The integration automatically performs daily syncs between SAP Concur and Viewpoint Vista to eliminate data errors and duplicate effort.


Custom Approvals

Automatically keep your user list in SAP Concur up to date so your managers can approve expenses quickly.

Important Notes:

  • This integration is built, sold, and supported by Data Xchange.
  • A subscription to SAP Concur is required for this integration (not sold by Trimble). If you are not a customer, and do not have any sales conversations in motion, we can help with an introduction to their spend management sales experts. Let’s talk.
  • On-prem users: Data Xchange does not guarantee version support for either system beyond the current version available and the previously available version. Older versions may still work, but are not actively supported and may become obsolete.

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