TopBuilder + Viewpoint Spectrum

All your customers, jobs, contacts, work orders, job financials in one place
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TopBuilder’s cloud-based real-time synchronization with Viewpoint Spectrum® ensures all your customers, work order data, and job financials are in one place. Providing one location for bid scoring, reporting, analysis and forecasting.

All customer, job, and site data are automatically created in Spectrum from TopBuilder when the job or work order is awarded.

Status updates in Spectrum trigger workflow, calendar appointments, alerts, and follow-up automatically, ensuring that job details such as start and end dates, changes orders, credit status, and more are always up to date in TopBuilder.

All your customers, jobs, contacts, work orders, job financials in one place

All Customer and Job Data in One Place

No duplicate data entry required. Real-time cloud-based synchronization keeps all customer and job data up-to-date and easily accessible.

Collaboration Across the Entire Organization

Easily manage both internal and external communication with TopBuilder's communication management features

Bid Scoring and Bid Management

Organize bids by job. Easily find the right bid opportunities for your team with bid scoring and bid management.

Important Notes

  • This integration is built, sold, and supported by TopBuilder.
  • A subscription to TopBuilder is required for this integration. If you are not a customer and do not have any sales conversations in motion, we can help with an introduction to their expense management experts. Let’s talk.

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